OK guys, this one is dedicated to all of you, and it’s chock-full of advice on how to turn your woman on using three simple steps.


Step #1 – Women are attracted to men who smell good, so yes, hygiene is important. In fact, there are whole studies out there that 

show how women will blindly pick a man whose scent is a match for hers. Which fragrances in particular pique a woman’s interest most? According to Ask Men, the top six fragrances are vanilla, patchouli, musk, peppermint, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Did you know that we carry a wide range of scents in our five locations across the state?

Step #2 – Body language is key. Lean in, make eye contact, hold hands, brush her hair out of herface, sit next to her on the couch… little things that let her know you’re into her. To a woman, being adored in this way is a HUGE turn on.

Step #3 – When the time is right, make your move, but remember that women not only like but need a little warm-up. If you’rehaving trouble holding on during this time, you might try some Sta-Erect spray orcream. Spend time on the front end when it comes to making out and listen to her needs. Does she like it gentle and quick, or is she looking for longer and more varied or perhaps she’s interested in a down and dirty quickie? And keep in mind that she doesn’t want the same thing every time. Variety really is the spice of life.