Trick or Treat Bedroom-style

You’ve probably picked up a couple of bags of candy by now and put out the pumpkin. Maybe you’ve even put together your Halloween costume. But after you come home from your spooktacular gatherings, how about a little grown-up trick or treating?

Here are five of our favorite products for the couple who wants to get a little naughty this Halloween.

Item #1: Bodystockings

Holy cow, these are HOT this year! We can hardly keep them in stock. A body stocking is typically a full body piece of lingerie with an opening in the crotch. A fun way to use them is to throw over it a little black dress and then when you get home and take it off you’ve got a little “treat” to share with your lover.



Item #2: Bringing Booty Back

If anal play isn’t part of your regular routine, you might want to “treat” your partner (either in giving or receiving). A product we often recommend for this is an anal cream which can lessen pain and increase pleasure. Or maybe it’s time to invest in a prostate stimulator for him?



Whatever you do, just make sure you and your partner are both ok with pushing the boundaries.

Item #3: I Smell Sex and Candy

Yeah, it’s a song lyric, but it could also describe some amazing oral sex. We have “candy” and flavored gels and increase the experience for both the giver and receiver.

Sex and Candy


Not into putting something into your mouth? We also have delicious smelling massage oils.

Sex and Candy


Item #2: Eat It Up!

Literally, sexy candies that are fun and erotic. From pussy pops to cock and ball candies, we’ve got a wide range. There are even chocolate versions to enjoy!

Order online and get in time for Halloween. Also make fun stocking stuffers.

penis gummies


Item #1: Costume Play

Have a fantasy? We’ve got costumes! Naughty nurse, sexy school girl, French maid… take your pick. Limited supplies available in store. And why wait until Halloween to pull these out, indulge in some sexy roleplay anytime.  

fantasy costume


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