Your first visit to an adult toy store may make you nervous. Thanks to the media, people are often given a negative idea about who visits these stores i.e. creeps, drunks and pranksters. Contrary to that belief, all kinds of people visit adult stores, such as people who have been married for years and want to add excitement to their relationship or friends who want to buy a nice gift. If you’re thinking about embarking on your first trip to an adult store, here are some tips on what you should do to make your experience a great one.

Do Ask Questions

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. It’s okay if you don’t know all things sex related and want to learn more. Also, don’t worry about asking a “weird” question. In the adult store industry, you can bet that the staff has been asked the same or a similar question several times. Our Romance Experts are there to help you become more educated while not shaming you during the process. 

Do Keep An Open Mind

In adult stores, you’re going to see and perhaps hear things that you aren’t used to in your everyday life. Come in prepared to learn about things you are into and things that you are not. Think of this trip as the sexual education class you’ve never had. The more you learn the more it’ll benefit you in the long run.

Do Feel Liberated

Sex is a natural part of life. Learning more information about it should encourage you to feel more liberated. The more you know about something the more confident you become and what’s sexier than being confident in the bedroom? 

Now you’re all set! We hope to see you at one of our locations ready to put these Do’s into practice. See you soon!