Holiday vacation time is near! Vacations are perfect for setting the mood. A change of scenery and a romantic hotel or AirBnB could be just what you both need. While you’re on the go visiting friends and family this season, make sure to schedule some time to spice things up with bae. Here’s a couple of quick ideas:

Pack something sexy for your trip! The key is to always be prepared. When you finally get some time alone with your significant other, surprise them by dressing up as Santa’s helper or even a sexy turkey (if you’re into that sort of thing). Make it fun!

Another simple but fun idea is picking a fantasy that you two have to complete before returning home. The combination of picking a fantasy and giving yourselves a time limit will add to the excitement. If you can’t think of anything creative, no worries. Our Intimate Dares card game will help spark some naughty ideas. Pick one card or two and let the thrill begin. 

This year, prioritize making your holiday trips sexy. It might seem tough with friends and family around, but there’s always a way to slip in some alone time with your partner. It’ll rekindle the romance between you two and create a fun memory to reflect on in the future. Let the holidays begin!