As you can imagine, we get all kinds of questions when people come into Seductions. We often refer to online articles and thought we might share a few that have been helpful to us recently.

First up, is there such a thing as too big when it comes to penis size? Apparently yes, but fortunately most guys are going to fall in the normal range. What’s normal? According to The Sex MD, “The average penis when erect is about 5 1/2 – 6 inches long. Considering that the average vagina is about 3 inches deep, an average size guy will certainly be able to reach her cervix with his erection.”

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How Big is Too Big?

Next, the clitoris. Fellas, if you don’t know about this little “button” on your lady then this read is for you. “The most sensitive erogenous zone of a female body is the clitoris. By stimulating an erogenous zone (like during masturbation or intercourse), a sexual physiological response can be set into motion,” or so says Hello Clue.

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The Clitoris

And for some solo play to stimulate that very special lady part, we recommend the Womanizer Pro Limited Edition available through our online store (but, as always, if you can’t wait, visit us at one of our five locations).  

Womanizer Pro- Great for Solo Play


When things heat up in the bedroom, are lubricants ok during oral sex? Um, yeah. It all depends on the type you select. From the cheeky website Undies and Lube, “Crazier and crazier flavors are slipping into the world of lubricants. You can get any flavor from bacon to whiskey, from spicy, tangy, or deliciously sweet, which is awesome when it comes to oral sex. Use them on any part of your body to make adding one more lick something better. It’s a total win-win for you and your partner, making using your mouth much more desirable.”

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Best Edible Lube

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