Did you know that the average temperature in Arkansas in November is in the low 60s? 62.65°F to be exact. Lows in the evenings can get down to the 50s which means that we’re entering the season of the snuggle. And if you’re lucky, that snuggle will become a little more as the evening wears on. Here are five things to do with your loved one to help you stay cozy and warm:


This is a great time of year to be outside and enjoying our beautiful state. If you don’t live in an area where you can build an actual bonfire look into utilizing a fire pit. If you’ve never built a bonfire or campfire, don’t worry, there are plenty of articles online to help. We found the step-by-steps from How Stuff Works especially insightful.

Wine Tasting

While the warming effect of wine (or alcohol) is only temporary, it does increase blood flow, not to mention make one feel a little, well, you know. There’s that undeniable zing that people get after they have a glass or two. But don’t drink alone, you don’t want to miss out on the warmth of community so participating in a tasting at a local restaurant, liquor store or even amid a group of friends can bring people together.


During autumn and into winter it’s great to have some soft favorite blankets on hand. Picnic in the park? No problem, we’ll grab a blanket. Fire in the fireplace (or the aforementioned bonfire)? Let’s snuggle together under this blanket. This is also a great time of year to add a new blanket to your bed, you know, in case all this snuggling leads you back to your place.



Let’s turn an old saying on its ear: “Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” to “Feel the heat, stay in the kitchen.” There’s an amazing warm bond between people when they make a meal together and certain foods can actually spice up your love life. Want to step the cooking up a notch and make it sexier? Slip on a little next to nothing while making the meal or plan to make brinner (breakfast for dinner) or brunch after doing the horizontal.

Movie Night

A sexy movie night is always fun, but what if the real show was what’s happening between you and your partner. Set up a pallet in front of the TV, set a romantic stage in the bedroom, or pull out a sofa bed and create a playground for romance and cinema. Ask Men compiled a list of 10 date night movies, but you and your partner could each submit movies you want the other to see. You could reenact scenes or play along with the characters and enjoy the warmth of connecting under the sheets.  


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