Have you been thinking about gifting your lover some exquisite boudoir photos during the upcoming holidays? Now’s the time to start planning for your time in front of the camera.

Tip #1: Skin-sational

You want to pay attention to your skin. Check out your nightly routine and make sure that you are keeping your face in optimal condition. Some products take weeks to start taking effect. And drink lots and lots of water!

beautiful skin

Tip #2: Tone and Tighten

While you probably don’t have time to launch into a complete body overhaul, you can eat healthy, do some simple workouts to tone and tighten.

tone and tighten


Tip #3: Get Your Hairs Did

Sure, you’ll want to take care of the hairs on your head, but you’ll also want to pre-plan any waxing or threading. Plan ahead and schedule your appointments now so you aren’t rushing around last minute looking for someone who can fit you in for a Brazilian.


Tip #4: Relax

Relaxing in front of the camera is a big part of getting photos that you will love. Take a look at examples online and find poses and looks you like so that you can practice them in front of a mirror and share them with your photographer. You can also create a music playlist to bring to your photoshoot that will inspire you and keep you feeling relaxed.

boudoir photos

Tip #5: The Right Lingerie

Perhaps most importantly, come in and visit with our experts and find the right lingerie to show off your body. Our Ultimate Lingerie guide is a great resource for understanding your body type and what might look best on you.


Now, a good photographer is going to work with what you’ve got and help pose you in such a way that your best assets will be shown off but between now and the shoot investing in some simple prep will allow you feel great in front of the camera.