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Boudoir Ready Body

Have you been thinking about gifting your lover some exquisite boudoir photos during the upcoming holidays? Now’s the time to start planning for your time in front of the camera.

A Seductions Playlist

It’s fall, y’all! And we’ve created a special Seductions FALLing in Love playlist. These songs are ideal for a date night or a road trip. We hope you enjoy.

Men’s Greatest Sexual Fears

But what happens in bed shouldn’t be the makings of a horror movie. Everyone has a hangup or two about sex and we’re here to help address some of the greatest fears men have about intimacy.

Condom Sense

While safe sex should certainly be at the forefront of condom use, a close second and third consideration should be comfort and pleasure. Think of condoms like you think about women’s underwear-- something sexy, exotic even, but important and necessary. Here's...

Your Questions About Sex Enhancements and More!

Seductions Lingerie experts answer questions about sex enhancements and more every day. Believe it or not, a big part of our job is listening to our customers and directing them to the products they desire. We’re here to help! And our staff goes through extensive...

Hot Lingerie that Will Take You from Summer to Fall

Believe it or not, lingerie is not as affected by runway trends as some fashion industries, but you still want to look on point when unveiling yourself in the bedroom. It's easy to see in the current crop of evening wear subtle nods to the latest haute couture...