Have your bras had it? Like a bad relationship, just because you have loved it for years doesn’t mean it may not be letting you down on the daily. In fact, according to a HuffPost article, Lyn Lewis, the CEO of Journelle says, “Bras have an expiration and a shelf life, just like everything else. Just like your jeans need to be replaced occasionally and your t-shirts wear out, so do your bras.”  

How do you know when a good bra has gone bad?

  • Are the straps constantly falling off your shoulders?
  • Look for signs of wear and tear, especially stretched out bands.
  • Are the bands hiking up in the back and not staying put?
  • The t-shirt test: does it look smooth and flat under a snug t-shirt? If you’re bulging out, then it’s too small,l or if your cups are lumpy, then it’s too big.
  • Is the padding worn? If so, it’s time to upgrade.
  • Has the elastic started to fray from repeat washing and drying?  

Ever wonder why there are multiple hooks on a bra? Lewis says that’s because your new bra should be snug when attached at the loosest hook so that as as the bra stretches from use over time you can tighten it. But not too tight! “You should be able to get two to three fingers in between the band and your skin when it’s closed,” Lewis said.

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