Boudoir is translated as a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. Boudoir photos are usually taken in your bedroom, a lounging place in your home or a hotel room (a place very intimate and comfortable). This trendy shoot has been common for the engaged woman. Many women give these photos to their husband-to-be as a pre-wedding gift. 

But you don’t have to be engaged to do this sexy shoot. In fact, we encourage every woman to do this for 6 reasons:

  • Getting dolled up. It’s not too often that you get to spend an entire day pampering yourself, getting your hair and makeup done and walking around in sexy lingerie. 

  • Empowerment. We are women. We are powerful and we should tell ourselves this more often. Boudoir photoshoots are all about you. So, do this for empowerment.
  • Celebration of a transitional period. Do this to celebrate a new period in your life: your recent engagement, your new baby body, your promotion at work, anniversary, a milestone birthday, or any other significant milestone!
  • Celebration of your body. Maybe you just lost a lot of weight or maybe you gained a little weight. Either way, celebrate your body because you’re the only one who has YOUR body. 
  • Correction of doubts. Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we find flaws and compare ourselves to the photoshopped women in magazines and we don’t feel pretty. Correct those doubts about your beauty. 
  • Seeing yourself in a different light. It’s just you, your lingerie and your photographer. You’ll often relax, open up and find a different part of yourself that you never knew was there. You’ll even find other super sexy features you weren’t even aware of!

We encourage every woman to do this. Do this for fun. Do this for love. Do this for you! If you are in need of some sexy lingerie for the shoot, visit one of our sexy lingerie stores.