Getting the right fit under your garments is key to feeling strong, sexy and confident.

In this series of lingerie Lessons from Seductions, we want to teach you everything you need to know to get the right fit for your body. Today, let’s start from the bottom up and talk about panties.

  • Bikini- a basic underwear worn below the waist with full coverage over the rear and can also have decorative elements from the front to back over the hips.
  • Bikini Thongs- bikini underwear with less coverage in the back. Usually a thin strap connects from the waist band to the front of the panty through the crotch.
  • G-String: Like a thong, the g-string has very little coverage over the rear, but usually where the string connects to the waist band there is a patch of cloth, usually decorative.
  • Boy Shorts: Women’s underwear that goes all the way down the hips and can even look like boxer shorts. Usually they are decorative and can even have ruffles on the rear. 

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